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2017 Attendees - Huge success! \o/

Clusterlabs Summit 2017 is Done!


Where and When

Note, that the summit will take place in the SUSE Event Area which is on the ground floor level at Rollnerstraße 8, in the same building as the main SUSE office but at a separate entrance. The staff has kindly asked me to direct everyone to the event area so that not everyone attending the summit has to go up to the 3rd floor main reception desk.

Note on dates and location: I (Kristoffer) have reserved space for the summit in the SUSE office from September 4 to 8. So we have flexibility within that date range without much hassle.

Please register: As we are investigating dinner options, making badges, and making sure there are enough chairs for everyone at the event, it became clear that it would be useful to have a better grasp of how many people are coming to the event. If you plan to attend, please register via EventBrite or by e-mailing Kristoffer Grönlund.


It's been 2.5 years since the meeting of cluster developers in 2015.

This summit aims to discuss where we are and where we want to go over the next several years.

Topics To Cover

  • Please fill in the list below of any topic you would like to present, or discuss. We will put them into a schedule once we have a better idea of why wants to present. If you have a preference for when you want to talk, please indicate in the notes and we'll try to accommodate as best we can.

If you want to request a topic anonymously (or publicly, but just don't want to edit the wiki directly), please email Digimer.

Topic Requester/Presenter Topic Notes
Andrew Beekhof New container "bundle" feature in Pacemaker
Ken Gaillot What would Pacemaker 1.2 or 2.0 look like?
Klaus Wenninger Recent work and future plans for SBD
Chrissie Caulfield knet and corosync 3
Fabio M. Di Nitto knet internals and upstream
Chris Feist (requestor) kubernetes
Chris Feist (requestor) Multisite (QDevice/Booth)
Madison Kelly ScanCore and "Intelligent Availability"
Kristoffer Gronlund, Ayoub Belarbi Hawk, Cluster API and future plans
Marek Grac Notifications
Fabian Herschel, Frank Danapfel SAP - Setup Another Pacemaker - How to cluster dinos and elephants
Fabian Herschel, Lars Pinne (requester) Optimal STONITH architecture for shared-nothing cluster?
Lars Pinne (requester) Corosync communication via SAN (fiber channel)
Jan Pokorný (poki) Key-Signing Party, 2017 Edition

Idea: Less comprehensive/minor (nevertheless interesting for some) topics (project introductions, interesting ideas, common issues, ...) can be condensed into short blocks of lightning talks at the end of the day's programme, say 4 blocks @ 5 minutes max = 20 minutes window on each, proposing and voting for the topics available during that day until some time before the beginning.


The up-to-date schedule is here.

Finding the office

The SUSE office is within walking distance from the conference hotel and the old town center. The closest subway station is the Maxfeld station on the U3 line.

Google maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/JMzSnv8ZGqF2

If you are coming from the Central Station, take the U3 directly to Maxfeld (direction Friedrich-Ebert-Platz).

From the airport, take the U2 to Rathenauplatz, then change to U3 (direction Friedrich-Ebert-Platz) and exit at Maxfeld.


We have 40 hotel rooms reserved at the Sorat Saxx Hotel at a very good rate including breakfast and wifi for the duration of the conference week (September 4-8). If you are interested in grabbing one of these rooms, please let Kristoffer Grönlund know before July 10 at the latest as we need a complete list of names to give to the hotel before the conference starts.

Sorat Saxx

Hotel website

If you plan to book your own accommodation, make sure you do so as soon as possible. The hotels in Nuremberg tend to fill up early for the summer season.

The Saxx Nuernberg Hotel is within easy walking distance from both the Central Station and the SUSE office. The closest subway station is Lorenzkirche on the U1 line.


Please confirm your participation here, with full name and company.

A little blurb about yourself would be helpful for others to get to know you.

If you do not wish to create an account here, or simply don't like wiki formatting, feel free to email Digimer and she will add you to the list.

Full Name Company Note
Madison Kelly Alteeve's Niche! Madison, aka 'digimer', build's the Anvil! platform, including the new ScanCore Intelligent Availability platform.
Alex Bruneau Day Alteeve's Niche! Alex, aka 'Nyz', is head of Anvil! support at Alteeve.
Chris Feist Red Hat
Chrissie Caulfield Red Hat Corosync developer, knet developer, libqb maintainer
Ken Gaillot Red Hat
Klaus Wenninger Red Hat
Kristoffer Grönlund SUSE Mainly works on crmsh, hawk and resource-agents, @krig on Github.
Jan Pokorný (poki) Red Hat Used to fiddle with CMAN-based clusters (mainly luci), but this being gradually ditched in favor of the "converged" one (mainly pacemaker, libqb, booth); author of clufter (bridging the two, amongst others).
Kai Wagner SUSE Pacemaker user for many many years and in many projects - now he's part of openATTIC and want to give an overview what's it all about!
Fabian Herschel SUSE Pacemaker user for many years. In special for SAP projects. Inventor of the SAPHanaSR system replication automation. Defining cluster architectures for SAP workloads.
Lars Pinne SUSE Pacemaker user for many years. Implementing cluster architectures for SAP workloads.
Others SUSE We're probably going to be around 15 people from the HA team at SUSE (and perhaps others will want to join)
Keisuke MORI (cancelled) NTT Developer and Tech lead in NTT developers team for Pacemaker, corosync, resource-agents, etc. @kskmori on Github.
Yuta TAKESHITA (cancelled) NTT Developer of PG-REX (pgsql RA streaming replication support). @ytakeshita on Github.
Kenji TAKEDA (cancelled) NTT Developer of UltraMonkey (load balancer solution with LVS and ldirectord). @kjtakeda on Github.
Haris Sehic SUSE HA QA @ SUSE
Alvaro Carvajal SUSE HA QA @ SUSE
Loic Devulder SUSE HA QA @ SUSE
Perry Myers Red Hat Engineering Director for Red Hat HA/OpenStack teams
Fabio M. Di Nitto Red Hat Engineering Manager for Red Hat HA/OpenStack teams
Edwin Török Citrix XenServer clustering
Jonathan Davies Citrix XenServer clustering
Mark Syms Citrix XenServer storage
Stefano Panella Citrix XenServer storage
Nick Wang SUSE HA Storage Engineer for DRBD, HA yast modules, Continuous Integration for HA product, and he enjoys a lot of bits and bytes of HA.
Eric Ren SUSE HA Storage Engineer for DLM, OCFS2, and now have a lot fun in LVM.
Bin Liu SUSE HA Engineer for corosync, omping, Continuous Integration for HA product, and also he has interest in knet.
Roger Zhou SUSE Engineering Manager for HA / Storage / Virtualization.
Valentin Vidic CARNet Represents Debian HA Maintainers.
Damien Ciabrini Red Hat HA Openstack
Michele Baldessari Red Hat HA Openstack
Oyvind Albrigtsen Red Hat Resource Agents & Fence Agents
Tomas Jelenik Red Hat pcs configuration tool
Ivan Devat Red Hat pcs configuration tool
Ondrej Mular Red Hat pcs configuration tool
Marek Grac Red Hat fence-agents & web UI
Jan Friesse Red Hat corosync & qdevice
Andrew Beekhof Red Hat pacemaker
Frank Danapfel Red Hat Software engineer for Red Hat at the SAP LinuxLab focusing on HA solutions for SAP Products running on RHEL
Jaroslav Kortus Red Hat Quality Engineering
Roman Bednar Red Hat Quality Engineering
Anthony Herr Red Hat
Steve Levine Red Hat Documentation
Michal Koutný SUSE L3 interested in HA
Chris Kowalczyk SUSE HA Development, Pacemaker & Booth
Yan Gao SUSE HA Development, Pacemaker & Booth
Ayoub Belarbi SUSE HA Development, Hawk
Ilya Manyugin SUSE HA SAP
Lars Ellenberg Linbit DRBD, heartbeat, resource agents, etc.
Roland Kammerer Linbit DRBD

Cluster Summit Dinner

Foto 1.JPG
Foto 2.JPG
Foto 3.JPG
Foto 4.JPG
Foto 5.JPG

After the first day of the summit, on Wednesday 6th Sep, we are going to have a festive dinner in one of the traditional German restaurants in the city center, Zum Spießgesellen.

It is located in the city center, right next to the main market and a few minutes away from the hotel.


The dinner is due to start at 19:00.

The menu in English can be found on the right.

Side Events

Key-Signing Party

See 2017 Edition sources.

Friday Morning Lake Swim Challenge

See the subthread at users list.

Contestants of the Friday morning lake swim challenge after the achievement