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|Diego Akechi, Abdelrahman Mohamed
|Diego Akechi, Abdelrahman Mohamed
== What presenters need to know ==
* The basic format will be a 40- to 45-minute talk with 15- to 20-minute Q&A. We can vary this to suit individual needs -- just let us know what you would like so we can schedule accordingly. If you have a preferred day or time slot, let us know.
* The conference room will have WiFi and a projector with a variety of common adapters.
== Schedule ==
== Schedule ==

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  • What: ClusterLabs Summit 2020
  • Where: Brno, Czechia
  • When: Wednesday-Thursday, 2020 Feb 5-6
  • Why: Bring together developers and users of high-availability clustering software distributed by ClusterLabs
  • How much: Free

If you have any questions not addressed here, please e-mail this wiki's maintainer digimer, summit organizer Ken Gaillot, or the ClusterLabs users mailing list as appropriate.

What attendees need to know

The summit will be held at Red Hat's TPB-B building at Purkyňova 111, 612 00 Brno - Královo Pole, Czechia. The closest tram stop is "Technologicky park".

We have a limited number of rooms at the Hotel Continental available for a discounted rate. If you are interested, email Ken Gaillot for details.

If you would like to attend and are not on the list below, please e-mail Ken Gaillot, though we are near the capacity of the conference room and cannot guarantee availability.

Organization Number of people expected to attend Names (optional)
Alteeve 1 Madison Kelly
Canonical 1 Rafael David Tinoco
KIFÜ 2 Ferenc Wágner
Linbit 2 Robert Altnoeder, Lars Ellenberg
NTT 2 Keisuke MORI, Takumi Takafuji
Proxmox 1 Thomas Lamprecht
Red Hat 20-24 Oyvind Albrigsten, Michele Baldessari, Damien Cabrini, Chrissie Caulfield, Ivan Devat, Chris Feist, Jan Friesse, Ken Gaillot, Marek Grac, Tomas Jelinek, Eddie Kirby, Steven Levine, Miroslav Lisik, Chris Lumens, Ondrej Mular, Jan Pokorny, Michael Pospisil, Cole Towsley, Klaus Wenninger, Josef Zimek, also attending some sessions might be Jesus Serrano, Martin Durcansky, and Ondrej Benes
SUSE 8-10 Diego Akechi, Abdelrahman Mohamed


Wednesday, 2020 Feb 5

Time Topic Presenter
9:00 Informal coffee and chat
9:30 Introductions
10:00 What's new in knet this year? Chrissie Caulfield
10:40 Corosync/Qdevice recent changes and future plans Jan Friesse
11:20 SBD recent changes and future plans Klaus Wenninger
12:00 Lunch
13:00 DRBD 9: multi-node, multi-site, quorum, and LINSTOR Lars Ellenberg and Robert Altnoeder
14:00 Anvil! M3: RHEL 8 + Pacemaker 2 + knet/corosync 3 + DRBD 9 VM Madison Kelly
15:00 Break
15:15 Pacemaker recent changes and plans Ken Gaillot
16:00 ClusterLabs stack experience in Ubuntu, including alternate architectures Rafael David Tinoco
17:00 Gather for dinner and drinks

Thursday, 2020 Feb 6

Time Topic Presenter
9:00 Informal coffee and chat
9:30 ClusterLabs+OpenStack: what works well, and what doesn't Michele Baldessari
10:20 OpenShift/Kubernetes Current Status/Challenges Ondrej Mular
11:10 pcs recent changes and future plans Tomáš Jelínek
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Cluster Deployment Automation using Salt SUSE
14:00 Multi-master clustered filesystem on latest ClusterLabs stack Thomas Lamprecht
15:00 Break
15:15 Resource agent testing framework Damien Cabrini
16:00 Cluster Monitoring using ha_cluster_exporter, Prometheus and Grafana SUSE
17:00 Gather for dinner and drinks