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We have just begun planning for Cluster Summit 2017!

If you are interested in this summit and want to get an account to edit this wiki, please email Digimer. (Spammers make me sad and keep registration closed normally).

Where and When


Note on dates and location: I (Kristoffer) have reserved space for the summit in the SUSE office from September 4 to 8. So we have flexibility within that date range without much hassle.


It's been 2.5 years since the meeting of cluster developers in 2015.

This summit aims to discuss where we are and where we want to go over the next several years.

Topics To Cover

  • Please fill in the list below of any topic you would like to present, or discuss. We will put them into a schedule once we have a better idea of why wants to present. If you have a preference for when you want to talk, please indicate in the notes and we'll try to accommodate as best we can.

If you want to request a topic anonymously (or publicly, but just don't want to edit the wiki directly), please email Digimer.

Topic Requester/Presenter Topic Notes
Andrew Beekhof or Ken Gaillot New container "bundle" feature in Pacemaker
Ken Gaillot What would Pacemaker 1.2 or 2.0 look like?
Ken Gaillot Ideas for the OCF resource agent standard
Klaus Wenninger Recent work and future plans for SBD


Day 1


Day 2


How to get there

This page has instructions for how to get there: SUSE Office

For anyone flying in, I can recommend flying to Frankfurt and taking the train from there. The flight from Frankfurt is only 30 minutes, so often the wait between flights and the flight combined end up taking the same time as the train.

Otherwise, the Nuremberg airport is easily reachable from all major surrounding airports including Schiphol, Amsterdam.


We have 40 hotel rooms reserved at the Sorat Saxx Hotel at a very good rate including breakfast and wifi for the duration of the conference week (September 4-8). If you are interested in grabbing one of these rooms, please let Kristoffer Grönlund know before July 10 at the latest as we need a complete list of names to give to the hotel before the conference starts.

Sorat Saxx

Hotel website

If you plan to book your own accomodation, make sure you do so as soon as possible. The hotels in Nuremberg tend to fill up early for the summer season.


Please confirm your participation here, with full name and company (to assist with badges).

A little blurb about yourself would be helpful for others to get to know you.

If you do not wish to create an account here, or simply don't like wiki formatting, feel free to email Digimer and she will add you to the list.

Full Name Company Note
Madison Kelly Alteeve's Niche! Madison, aka 'digimer', build's the Anvil! platform, including the new ScanCore Intelligent Availability platform.
Chris Feist Red Hat
Ken Gaillot Red Hat
Kristoffer Grönlund SUSE Mainly works on crmsh, hawk and resource-agents, @krig on Github.
Jan Pokorný (poki) Red Hat Used to fiddle with CMAN-based clusters (mainly luci), but this being gradually ditched in favor of the "converged" one (mainly pacemaker, libqb, booth); author of clufter (bridging the two, amongst others).
Others SUSE We're probably going to be around 15 people from the HA team at SUSE (and perhaps others will want to join)

Previous Summits